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Touch Heroes: Soul Crash


Introducing Touch Heroes, the most innovative clicker-adventure game, the game you can enjoy while doing other important things in life! Legendary sword master Lucy Crow of Soul Crash World just got double-crossed after saving the world, and she is now determined to seek vengeance and truth along with friends! Lead your heroes into one 100-story castle after another, defeat stunned enemies before they awake, clear quests for hefty prizes, and win variety of treasures and items to advance further! Absolutely NO CONTROL is required to attack enemies. Just watch your heroes defeat hoarding mobs with fantastic sword-fight action! However, you may tap screens forever, if you feel like earning more gold coins and advance more rapidly! Touch Heroes is categorized as an idle game or incremental game so that you can make progress with simplest game play possible, but addictive enough to be your choice of time-killer! ❖ Features ❖ ➤ CLEAR QUESTS to EARN gold coins, unlock more quests or buy WEAPONS. ➤ RECRUIT heroes and unlock special abilities, UPGRADE their weapons to display the brutality! ➤ CONQUER castles, ADVANCE through floors to prove your power. ➤ AUTO QUEST saves even the slightest hassles. ➤ TIME WARP to collect KEYS, use them to acquire precious TREASURES. ➤ TAP the battle screen to bring in even more gold coins. ➤ SAVE random-appearing Soul Fairy to earn surprising rewards! ➤ GIFT BOXES are yours by reaching every 30 levels!
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